The first excipient with ATP to be used for Hair Transplant Surgeries. Whether you are preforming FUE or FUT, Liposomal ATP is the right choice for your practice and patients.

Ordering Information
Catalog # V037-050
Volume 50 mL
Design PETG Septum Top Bottle
Form Liquid
Shelf-Life 66 Days
Storage Refrigerate Only (2 to 8°C)
Dilution 10%
Why use ATPv in my practice?
In a recent edition of the Hair Transplant Forum, Volume 24, 2014, Dr. Jerry Cooley described the use and benefits of using our liposomal ATP solution in hair restoration surgery.  If you are not familiar, the liposomal ATP solution, called ATPv, is used as an additive to your existing graft holding solutions, and has been utilized as part of a post-operative treatment.

Why add ATPv to graft holding solutions? 
Using ATPv at a 1:10 dilution (i.e. 1 mL ATPv to 9 mL holding solution) provides nutrient buffered environment for cells experiencing environmental stress. The benefits of ATPv in both FUE and FUT procedures is quickly gaining a reputation at enhancing patient outcome, thus helping enhance your practices’ reputation for outstanding hair restoration results. More and more doctors are sharing their results with ATPv.

How much do I need for each patient?
FUE: Each 50 mL bottle of ATPv is sufficient enough to treat an average of 2 patients
FUT: Each 50 mL bottle of ATPv is sufficient enough to treat an average of 1 patient.
Based on a 66 day shelf-life, you should determine the number of cases planned and order bottles of ATPv accordingly. 

Who uses it?
Over the past year, the number of doctors using ATPv has increased tremendously. Currently, ATPv is being used by over 78 hair transplant centers in 18 countries, with thousands of satisfied patients throughout the world. 
  • Dr. Jerry Cooley
  • Drs. Ron and Paul Shapiro
  • ​Drs. Bob True and Bob Dorin
  • ​Dr. Carlos Puig
  • ​Dr. James Harris