About Apex Services

The idea of Apex Services was materialized in year 2010. In adolescent stages, it was based only in Islamabad, but, in a short span of time, it established a remarkable reputation in the arena of Aesthetic Dermatology in Pakistan, while proving to be a formidable entrant for its veteran competitors. Currently, the company is a major stakeholder in the market of Dermatological, Aesthetic equipment and services with three operational business centers in Pakistan.

Apex Services has proven itself to be a modernizer by transposing the paradigm of consumer-based aesthetic market to research, with the help of its exceptional “Key Opinion Leaders”. While introducing new bio-medical technologies subsequently in the impulsive market of Pakistan, quality and after-sales services has always been a prime motive behind each decision of the organization. Apex Services has been thriving to revolutionize the engrossed aesthetic market by offering auspicious corporate training packages to encourage young doctors in the market. It has been a priority of the company to support new customers, and develop a persisting liaison with them.